Two Famous People Whose Careers Got Ruined


 Robert James (“Bobby”) Fischer

World Chess Champion from 1972–1975.

He was a baby prodigy UN agency won the U.S.A. Chess Championship at the age of fourteen. His chess achievements area unit legendary. At one purpose he defeated twenty one participant (the highest rank in chess) opponents during a row while not one draw or one loss,

the chess equivalent of a baseball hitter reaching base twenty one times during a row. In 1972, at the age of twenty nine, he resolutely defeated the regnant champion, Spas sky, during a dramatic match. He had once and for all evidenced himself to be the world’s best player by a good margin.

His accomplishments were thus extraordinary that the recognition of chess round the world began to soar. He was a successful genius, a hero to several and a really international celebrity. Not solely had he reached the top of his own very little world, he had single-handed enlarged that world on the far side what anyone may have unreal doable.

At that moment he quit.


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