The Government Wants You Sick


Every one of you right now is infected with almost all of the disease germs that humans have right now if I take a blood sample I will show you you all have viruses and bacteria and parasites the government knows this.

And ever since 9 1 1 they keep in the media the newspaper the television. More stress and the result is very important.

I will now show you how stress works using cells and then people. So I put cells in a petri dish and I split the group into two dish two sets in one set. I put nutrients in front of the cells the other I put toxins. I put them back in the incubator and I come back later and take them out. Where do you think the cells are in each experiment. When nutrients are in the cells in the dish the cells move toward the signals as positive road signals. But when toxins are in the dish the cells move away from the threatening negative signals.

 So when the cells see something that gives growth they move to the signal with their arms open to take it in. But if the cells see toxins then what they do is they move away from the signal and close themselves down.

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