The 6 Signs That Cats Truly Love Their Humans!

Cats, as their owners already know, are pretty mysterious creatures.

We completely adore them, we love looking at pictures and gifs of them, but we also suspect they secretly want to kill us.

Now that we know the signs that mean a dog loves you, cat lovers will inevitably be wondering just how their beloved pet feels about them.

With the help of cat behaviorist expert Anita Kelsey, we sought to find the answer to the question we all asking:

How do I know if my cat really loves me?

The 6 Signs That Cats Truly Love Their Humans! 1

Or, as Anita says ‘feels affection’, because love is merely a human emotion we put on to our pets. Cats will be affectionate when they feel ‘comfortable’ and ‘relaxed’ around you, she says.

But anyway, here are main six signs through which your cat really loves you. In their unique way.

1) Rubbing against our legs

The 6 Signs That Cats Truly Love Their Humans! 2

Think about the way your cat interacts with you when you first return home. How likely are they to usually rub their body against you?

It’s because they need to remark their territory with their own individual scents after you’ve been gone for so long and some of the active and important glands that do this are located on the side of its body.

‘Rubbing against our legs is to mark us with their scent,’ explained Anita.

So in a way, it’s like they’re labeling you as theirs. Awwwwww.

Well, at least they don’t urinate on us, which is the other way they spread their scent.

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