Should I Get Back With My Ex?

The Ex Back Quiz (below) is a quiz to help you know if you can get your ex back and if your ex will come back.

Better said, it can help you know the likelihood of that happening. It can also help you know if your ex wants you back in addition to being a test to know the chances of getting back an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. So if you are asking “can I get my ex boyfriend back” or “can I get my ex girlfriend back,” this quiz and test can help give you an idea of the likelihood, chances, and odds of that happening. It can help you know how uphill or downhill your battle is to re-attract your ex.

  • Question of

    Who chose to break it off?

    • He did, I messed up big time.
    • I did, he messed up big time.
    • He did, and I don’t know why.
    • We just drifted apart.
    • I did, I just felt it was right.
  • Question of

    Does he still like you?

    • Probably not
    • Definitely not
    • Absolutely
    • Yes, at least I think so.
    • I have no idea
  • Question of

    Was he a good boyfriend?

    • Yes, he was very doting and sweet.
    • He cheated/abused/teased me
    • Mostly, but he slipped up every so often
    • He was average I guess?
  • Question of

    How many boyfriends have you had?

    • I have lost track
    • He is my first.
    • Fourth or fifth?
    • Sixth or more
    • He is my second or third
  • Question of

    What would you do if he started dating someone else?

    • Smile and laugh, but be hurt inside
    • Cry for hours
    • Good for him!
    • Am I supposed to care?
    • Oh wow he forgot about me real quick
  • Question of

    How was your breakup?

    • It broke me, I’m still not over it
    • I was upset, but that is normal
    • Very confusing…
    • One of us got violent
    • Super chill, we both agreed
  • Question of

    Be honest with yourself… Do you miss him

    • One second I think I do and the other I don’t
    • I thought I did… but maybe I… Don’t?
    • Not. At. All.
    • Yes, every single second
    • I guess
  • Question of

    Why do you miss him?

    • He elevated my status, or, I liked the attention
    • He was super hot
    • He made me feel good
    • He really cared about me
    • He made me feel good, he was hot, AND he cared
  • Question of

    Do you think he misses you?

    • We haven’t talked
    • I have no clue
    • He does not
    • He definitely does
    • He told my friend/ acquaintance he did
  • Question of

    What does the thought of you two back together make you feel?

    • Whole
    • I can’t tell
    • …not good
    • Over the moon
    • A little weird

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