Am I Over Him?

Sometimes you try and try and TRY to get over a guy, but you just can’t, no matter what you do. It’s so confusing because your head and your heart are at war! And that can keep you from seeing the truth. Take this quiz to see if you are really over him, or if you are still majorly crushing on him.

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    Do you still think about him a lot?

    • No, never
    • Yes, all the time!
    • Sometimes
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    You know he doesn’t like you, but do you still spend time fantasizing about the day when he’ll ask you out?

    • All the time! He’ll like me someday!
    • I know he doesn’t like me, but I can’t help thinking about him sometimes….
    • No, I don’t drive myself crazy thinking about things I know won’t happen to me
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    Do you see him a lot?

    • Every so often – my group and his group are friends, so we hang out together sometimes
    • Only when I have to (like at school)
    • Yes! I try to see him every chance I get
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    Do you have pictures of him hanging in your room/locker?

    • No way! The pictures have been down for a LONG time!
    • I finally managed to take down the last picture yesterday
    • Yes, like 10 of them
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    Do you still get nervous/excited when you talk to him?

    • I don’t talk to him
    • No, not anymore
    • Yes! My stomach gets all fluttery!
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    How do you feel about him?

    • He is the greatest guy who ever set foot on this planet!
    • No
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    Would you change anything about yourself to get him to like you?

    • Yes. If I found out he likes girls with red hair, I would dye my hair red
    • No, I’m not that stupid. I wouldn’t change myself just to get a guy to like me
    • No way! I don’t even care if he likes me anymore!
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    Do you still dream about him?

    • Never
    • Every night!
    • Occasionally, but not romantic dreams
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    Do you talk about him with your friends?

    • Sometimes, but not because I like him
    • All the time!
    • Never. I banished him from our conversations
  • Question of

    Do YOU think you’re over him?

    • Not really. But I think I SHOULD get over him
    • I’m not sure. Sometimes I think I am, sometimes I don’t

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