Money is neither the solution to any problem nor any source which can bring you inner peace. Unfortunately, every person on the Earth realizes this thing only on their deathbed. Inner peace and joy only come from doing good to others, being kind enough, helping and laughing with friends and family. You will never know the value of life unless you are on your deathbed, and all this life people tend to run after money and luxuries of life. Every day or the other when people hear about someone’s death, they must strive harder to make full of their life and not run after money all the time.

Millionaire Doctor In His Last Stages Of Cancer Warns People That Money Brings No Joy and inner peace in life

Dr. Richard Teo Keng Siang is a cosmetic surgeon from Singapore. He was a millionaire who led a very lavish and luxurious life. He was a sports car enthusiast, and used to spend his weekends in the club and always believed in living a luxury life. Being a millionaire doctor, He dined with every celebrity. Including Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Kum and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

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