Does The Human Body Give Out Signs If The Person Has Cancer?

Does the human body give out signs if the person has cancer?

It certainly does and in more ways, than you can imagine. Here are some real-life examples…

A man gets a positive pregnancy test. A woman with a large Adam’s apple. Oozing green fluid?

While some symptoms are well-documented and known, others are much more bizarre, less discussed, but make no mistake, they are all crucial signs and symptoms of cancer. Here are true accounts of those who went through it:

1. I got a positive pregnancy test. I’m a man.

Shaun P., 28, Boston, Massachusetts.

“I was with some friends one night in college when I jokingly mentioned that I had found a weird lump on one of my balls. Then one of my friends told me he’d read on the Internet that if you pee on a pregnancy test, it can detect testicular cancer. So I did… and it turned out positive!

Apparently pregnancy tests measure levels of human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced by pregnant women but can sometimes go up due to testicular cancer. It turned out I really did have testicular cancer. Did the pregnancy test really find my cancer? Who knows, but it got me to go to the doctor.”


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