Christmas Decorating Trends 2020 – Colors, Designs and Ideas


Want something magical, unique and word changing? Who doesn’t, right? But they say that Christmas is a magical time, full of wonders and light, and it may indeed be so. For us, designers and stylists, part of its magic line in the beautiful richness of its tactile impact, in the exquisite delight that the holiday brings to the senses – the smells and tastes, colors and lights, memories and expectations…

Come, explore with us the great variety of Christmas decor themes and ideas that will help you rediscover the joy and excitement of children towards this amazing holiday. The trends in seasonal design and decorations are particularly rich this year – many designers and artist celebrate in abundance the creative holiday spirit and the trends in Christmas decor for 2019/2020 have a lot to offer. Let’s take a more detailed look.

Exploring the celebrated works of renowned designers and themed catalogs of brands and collection we high-lined few guidelines to help you with your choices for trendy Christmas decoration this year. Take a look at the image selection we composed for you, follow the guidelines and discover the brands, but most of all have a magical holidays.

First the noble aim for sustainability and respect toward the environment, that is inevitable to take over all aspects of our lives in the feature, introduces many new materials and natural elements in the Christmas design. And the mantra “less is more” takes a new life here – simple and elegant, reductionist and light. Compensating, in a way, the minimalist silhouettes of the decoration the colors are bold and capturing – the use of deep burgundy, as well as dark blue, grey, brown and the classic forest green seems to be popular.


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